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Creator Enablement Software

Gather & Manage Amateur Videos from Creators

Are you spending too much time on tedious,  repetitive work?  Tired of juggling between multiple direct messaging channels? We’ve got you covered

Easily cooperate with Creators to get fresh videos  and add them seamlessly to your e-commerce.

Intuitive Workflows

  1. Creator Enablement App
  2. E-commerce Integration
  3. Inventory Management
  4. Livestream Technology
  5. Curation Workflows
  6. Video Moderation
  7. Multichannel Distribution
  8. Performance Analytics

How it can help you?

Live.Market helps you shorten processes required to get vertical videos from desired Creators


Find most suitable Creators for your brand

Feedback Loop

Comunicate smoothly with many Creators in organized manner

Creator Cooperation

Create your ideal workflow for each project, Use Storyboards, Briefs, Hints, Tutorials and more

Legal Rights

Take control of image rights over the time

Multichannel Orchestration

Leverage your marketing campaigns on archival content, manage where videos are available

Higher Reach

Unlock potential of Key Opinion Leaders & Social Selling. Ideal for Employee Advocacy and Brand Ambassadors

Get ready to use UGV!

Ideal solutions for brands who cooperate with multiple creators monthly. Manage all stages of content production with ease to get more videos quicker.

Scalable video production


Get authentic videos in no time. Control brand safety.

Our comprehensive software handles all aspects of UGC creation in order to sustain well-organized cooperation with multiple video Creators .

Facilitate sharing of content within digital touchpoints automatically. Share feedback, suggestions, and edit requests all in one platform.

Enrich your PDPs with video reviews sourced via API. Monitor performance through dashboards and reports.  Make your vision a reality by well-organized cooperation with creators.

Involve Community
in Content Creation

Increase Social Proof
via inspiring videos from:

  • Brand Ambassadors
  • Consumers
  • Employees
  • Digital Creators
  • MicroInfluencers
2 x

add to cart rate

3.5 x

conversion rate

2.6 x

time spent on PDP

Consumer videos make you sell more

Testimonials enhance your digital reputation and credibility, driving increased conversions and revenue.

Consumers today are looking for honesty, transparency and respect. Who knows better than your customers which benefits are crucial in decision process? Video content makes your communications more natural. Cultivate authentic home-made content like your grandma’s jam.

Social Commerce ready?

Give your community a voice, improve relationship with customers. Reinvent your approach to Social Media. Gather, Manage & Publish it easily via Live.Market’s technology

Enable customers to share their experience!

Enable your loyal customers to share their joy of unboxing, shopping haul, make up tutorials and more.
Enhance your storytelling with customer’s experience.

  • Increase CLV
  • Increase Sales
  • Increase ROAS

Boost Performance of Video Ads


User Generated Videoes are proven to be more effective than professional content thanks to it’s authenticity, natural look that is more adequate to social media.
Diversified pool of fresh faces allow to test who&what works best for your brand.

Unleash the power of RAW Content

Filter-less videos allow you to mix&match content by your creative team.   Experiment with different types of user-generated content to find winning format and easily add interactive layers for higher attention. Depending on a target group it might be testimonials, showcases, mashups, post production.


  1. Save time on video production and processes
  2. Saving money on production: no rental of premises, equipment, set design, or team
  3. Facilitating project management and logistics
  4. Get unique video on demand done quickly
  5. Greater control over content and copyrights
  6. You receive video content that sells better is authentic and relevant to the target group
  7. You can use them for social media and campaigns
  8. Send videos to many different channels at the same time
  9. Engage Consumers to turn them into Brand Ambassadors
  10. Increase attention around your ads!

Outsource it to Experts

Save your time, effort, and energy.
Get UGV quicker to boost advertising.

Our success managers will assists you to run project smoothly: create tasks, build briefs, storyboards, scenography guidelines and choose UGV creators for you. You can create custom workflows to become more efficient.

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