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Fully Customizable Interface

adjustable to your brand’s identity and desired UX

  • Fonts
  • Buttons
  • Style
  • Prices
  • Colours
  • Copy
  • Variants
  • Attributes

Intuitive LiveShopping Management

Enrich experience for your users accordingly to your tone of voice

Interactive Layers

Use pop-up notifications, promo codes and more to conivnce viewers to buy faster

Inventory Management

Manage your stocks during livestream, scarcity announcements increase desire of buyers

Video Production

Quality of your streams, video sources, multistreaming to social media under control

Chat Moderation

Block vulgar users, moderate discussion, highlight key info or FAQ


Understand what works best during live to optimize for higher conversion


Enable replay of archival videos to get more views, engagement and sales

Intuitive LiveShopping Management

Control livestreams easily with powerful Dashboard

  1. Chat Moderation
  2. Highlighted Q&A
  3. Interacitve Layers
  4. Notifications
  5. Interacitve Layers
  6. Inventory Management
  7. Streaming Quality
  8. Data & Analytics


Higher reach easily.

Amplify your audience with multiple channels at once. Broadcast to social media effortlessly from one device.


Optimize your LiveCommerce

Every improvement requires measurement.
Gather data from videos to succeed in Shoppertainment.
Data enrichment will boost your retargeting ads.


Discovery tab
in mobile app

Inspire your mobile users with video content. Increase DAU and time spent in-app quickly. Unlock frictionless shopping with video plug-ins.

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