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Live.Market delivers unique experience through Shoppable Entertainment for consumer brands.

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Plug & Play Interactive Video Widgets

Add shoppable videos on-site, pick from Variety of Embeddable formats.













Get ready for Video-First Future of e-Commerce

  • Seamless Integration
  • Native Checkout
  • Creator Enablement
  • Swipeable
  • Adaptable
  • Customizable
  • Responsive


Higher reach easily.

Amplify your audience with multiple channels. Broadcast to social media easily from 1 device.

Smooth Integration with your Online Shop

Our dedicated teams will assists you to adjust our technology to your needs.

Customization on Demand

Adjust UX & UI to your brand's needs and identity

Native Checkout

Easily integrate with your existing solutions & payment providers,.

Mobile & Desktop ready

Available for your mobile app & desktop on the spot

Fast Implementation

Plug & Play solutions, low-code, simply add iFrame. 

Responsive design

Adaptable to any website, repsonsive automatically to all resolutions

Lightweight Technology

Page-speed protective

Our Livestreams

Intuitive LiveShopping Management

Enrich experience for your users accordingly to your brand identity.

Interactive Layers

Use pop-up notifications, promo codes and more to conivnce viewers to buy faster

Inventory Management

Manage your stocks during livestream, scarcity announcements increase desire of buyers

Video Production

Quality of your streams, video sources, multistreaming to social media under control

Chat Moderation

Block vulgar users, moderate discussion, highlight key info or FAQ


Understand what works best during live to optimize for higher conversion


Enable replay of archival videos to get more views, engagement and sales

Intuitive LiveShopping Management

Control livestreams with powerful Dashboard to get better results!

  1. Chat Moderation
  2. Highlighted Q&A
  3. Interacitve Layers
  4. Notifications
  5. Interacitve Layers
  6. Inventory Management
  7. Streaming Quality
  8. Data & Analytics

Shoppable Videos on demand

Creator Enablement  App will help you:

  • Enrich website with User Generated Videos
  • Get shorts from small Creators
  • Run Casting for Host of your LiveSelling

Instant e-commerce

Discover our ready-made mini-shops with capabilities of standard e-commerce such as: fast payments, CMS, inventory management.

Turn your website, mobile app or blog in go-to-destination for inspiration-seekers Sell anything without hustle in few minutes. Your one and only Live.Market for small brands.

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